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Model: First Team Hurricane Triumph-ST Basketball Goal
Manufacturer: First Team Basketball Goals

Our Price: $ 9083.00

Model: First Team Hurricane Triumph-ST Basketball Goal

First Team Hurricane Triumph ST - Portable Basketball Hoop System

  • Hurricane Portable Base Unit w/ Padding
  • FT235 42" x 72" Tempered Glass Backboard
  • FT196 Full-Tilt Break-away Goal
  • FT72C Backboard Pad (any color)
  • Optional Tie-Downs for Standard Floors
  • Lifetime Superior Warranty
  • Base to Backboard Extension 96" (Decreases as lowered)

The Hurricane Triumph ST Basketball System is designed for use by competitive basketball teams playing in gymnasiums, field houses, or upper-end recreational centers or churches. This unit features a massive extension arm with an upper and lower boom support. The base to backboard extension distance is 96", which meets all NCAA and National High School Federation requirements. 

Adjust the height from 10' to 6' with the Hurricane Triumph ST's Spring-Aided design to accommodate players of any age. To change the height, all you need to do is pull the pin on the adjustment rod and raise or lower the unit to the desired level. Then replace the pin. The base to backboard extension for the Hurricane Triumph ST is a full 96". Heavy foam padding is in place around the base to protect players involved in the game. Add base pad lettering on request. 

The Hurricane Triumph ST is built to be very stable; it won't tip over when players hang from the rim. It can be moved from one location to another easily by one person. The Hurricane Triumph ST folds down into a compact position for easy storage between games. This unit comes with a 42" x 72" tempered glass backboard and a full-tilt breakaway goal.

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