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Model: First Team Legacy Nitro Basketball Goal
Manufacturer: First Team Basketball Goals

Our Price: $ 1421.00

Model: First Team Legacy Nitro Basketball Goal

First Team Legacy Nitro - Fixed Height Basketball Hoop System

  • 36" x 60" Tempered Glass Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • FT1100 4" Square Post
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Pole to Backboard Extension 36"

The Legacy Nitro is a very durable system that will last for many years on your home basketball court. The base of the unit is made from 11 ga. steel and measures 4" x 4". The arm attaches to the post with two heavy-duty U-bolts. The arm's one-piece design eliminates the possibility of the unit becoming damaged by rust around joints, as happens with models made with multiple components. When the post is in place, it rests 36" below the playing surface. An optional ground sleeve is available to make the post removable. 

This is a fixed height basketball system, but you can adjust the rim height by loosening the U-bolts and repositioning the arm to any location you want along the post. Then you would retighten the U-bolts to finish the job. The post to backboard extension distance is 36". You can add all-weather post padding and backboard padding if desired. 

The Legacy Nitro gives you the strength you want from a basketball system, while still providing some flexibility in rim height. It is a sturdy product that will stay put once put in place on your home basketball court. This model comes with a 36" x 60" tempered glass backboard and a heavy duty flex goal. Since the flex goal is "direct mounted," any chance of the backboard breaking is effectively eliminated.

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