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Model: SuperMount 46 Triumph Wall-Mounted Basketball
Manufacturer: First Team Basketball Goals

Our Price: $ 2636.00

Model: SuperMount 46 Triumph Wall-Mounted Basketball

First Team SuperMount 46 Triumph - Stationary Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

  • FT2000 SuperMount 46 System
  • FT235 42" x 72" Glass Backboard
  • FT192 Competition Breakaway Goal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Wall to Backboard Extension Variable from 48" - 72"

The SuperMount 46 Triumph system is made for institutional use. It allows you to install a high-quality wall-mounted basketball structure very easy. When you chose the SuperMount 46 system for your needs, there is no need to calculate the exact extension requirements you need before you can order the product. This saves you time and money over other systems. The SuperMount 46 Triumph will give you a wall to backboard extension of between 48" - 72" after installation. 

Align the SuperMount 46 Triumph system with the court markings on the gymnasium floor. This means you will avoid the cost of reworking them, as would need to be done if a measurement error were made. Choose the SuperMount 46 Victory with confidence, knowing that it will work with your existing floor markings the way they are set out. 

The SuperMount 46 Triumph package comes with a 42" x 72" glass backboard and a competition breakaway goal. The backboard is anchored securely to the wall by dense Southern Yellow Pine. Additional sturdiness is provided by safety chains and solid square tubing with a black powder coat finish. Add bolt-on backboard padding to the package for additional safety, if desired. You also have the option of adding an optional backboard height adjuster to the package if your facility will be hosting little league or youth camps.

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