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Model: First Team Renegade Playground Basketball Goal
Manufacturer: First Team Basketball Goals

Our Price: $ 1878.00

Model: First Team Renegade Playground Basketball Goal

First Team Renegade Playground - Fixed Height Basketball Hoop System

  • 42" x 60" Steel Backboard
  • FT172D Unbreakable Fixed Goal
  • FT1875 Renegade Pole System
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • Pole to Backboard Extension of 48"

The Renegade Playground is a durable basketball system providing commercial-quality features in a playground setting. A 4.5" O.D. galvanized schedule 40" tube is used to make the pole for this model. When installed properly, it is buried 48" below the concrete. The Renegade Playground's pole is caped off by a vinyl stopper at the top to prevent moisture from penetrating its structure. 

Heavy-duty U-bolts are used to hold the extension arm onto the Renegade Playground's pole. This unit is still considered a fixed height basketball system, but some flexibility is offered. You have the option of changing the position of the goal by loosening the U-bolts from the extension arm and then reattaching them at a different height along the pole. 

Backboard braces have been added as a way to provide superior backboard rigidity. The Renegade Playground can take the punishment that playground basketball players can mete out, and will provide many hours of enjoyment to basketball enthusiasts. Galvanized metal means the post is rust resistant. When the Renegade Playground is fully assembled, a 48" post to backboard extension is seen. 

The Renegade Playground is a good choice for playground use. It is sturdy enough to last for years and years of hard use. The Renegade Playground comes with a 42" x 60" steel backboard and an unbreakable fixed goal.

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