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Model: Basketball Court Stencil Kit
Manufacturer: First Team Basketball Goals

Our Price: $ 75.00

Model: Basketball Court Stencil Kit

Basketball Court Stencil

  • Basketball Court Stencil Kit
  • Includes 3-point line
  • Provides an Easy Way to Paint Regulation Markings on Cement or Blacktop surface

The FT 20 Basketball Court Stencil Kit gives an official look to your basketball court. This product has the items in it to allow you to paint a regulation lane, free throw line and a circle on your basketball court. Both residential and institutional customers can use it. The stencils can be used on either cement or blacktop effectively.

This product also allows you to draw a three-point line in the correct position. Players can have the same type of reference points on an outdoor playing surface as they have inside a gymnasium. Physical education teachers and coaches can take the basketball learning out in the fresh air and hold drills, practice sessions, or games during fair weather. 

Residential customers can also use the FT20 Basketball Court Stencil kit to draw the appropriate lines on their home court. No need to visit a playground or go to school when you want to have a game. Your players will know that exactly where the boundaries are and that they are standing in the right spot when they are practicing free throws. 

The F20 Basketball Court Stencil Kit can be used in playgrounds, school yards, and at private residences to set up the regulation line, free throw line and circle. It can be used on concrete or blacktop surfaces to create a very professional look.

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